Cap Hagan

November 25, 1981

Long-threatened road building and timber developments on 3,330 foot Cap Hagan have apparently been delayed. The trail, though overgrown and sadly neglected, is still intact. A modicum of instant trail maintenance was carried out as we progressed.

A close-up deer sighting was variously described as “3-, 4- and 5-point” (your choice!!), and replaced the more usual “Which peak is that?” arguments. Hagan aficionados will be relieved to learn the summit generator is alive and well and thumping just as loudly as ever!

A Leisurely lunch was taken atop Hagan Rock in bright sunshine, with the McKenzie Highway at our feet (literally). A most enjoyable Wednesday hike to a long-neglected lookout site by Wilbur Groner, Betty Legris and leader John Cecil.

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