Eel Creek

November 15, 1981

High winds, blowing sand and a foot of water on the deflation plain made this year’s Eel Creek hike unique from previous outings I’ve enjoyed in this area. During one of the worst storms to hit the Oregon Coast this year, 21 hearty people struggled across the dunes to observe the storm and huddle behind the foredune to eat lunch. It was a foreshortened trip but all enjoyed the time spent there. Dunes strugglers were Jan Baker, John Cecil, Jerry Christanson, Margaret Crosland, Walt Davis, Bob Foster, Fran Gnose, Lee Hatch, K.C. Kraft, Lyn Lagrander, Betty Legris, Joe and Scott Lowry, Wendy Lyon, Barbara Newton, Marshall Pallette, Dave Predeek, Dan Sellard, Dorothy Turner, and leader Jane Hackett.

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