Gold Point

November 7, 1981

A weak but welcome sun shone on our party of eleven, enjoying perhaps the last nice day of the fall. We left Eugene about 0830 and arrived at the trailhead at 0930. There were many mushrooms along the trail, and the connoisseurs among us eagerly collected them. We arrived at the summit at about 1200. After lunch several hikers explored nearby rocks, and had a view of Mt. Washington, Three Fingered Jack, and a large slash burn. Some nice fall color, was also observed. We started down at 1330, and stopped to sunbathe at a good viewpoint. We arrived at the cars at about 1600, and returned to Eugene at about 1700. Enjoying the day, and tolerating the chatter by the leader and one other hiker about microcomputers were Bobbie Downing, Shirley Froyd, Mary Fulton, Dorothy Hayes, Karen Houglum, Arden Johnson, Sandra Larsen, Ron Nunemaker, Henrietta Richmond, Paula Vehrs, and leader Joel McClure.

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