Substitute Point/Foley Ridge Trail

November 1, 1981

For this report I would like to quote Clarence King — Mountaineering in the Sierra Nevada:

“The charm of crystally pure air, those cold, sparkling gem-like tints of rock and alpine lake, the fiery bronze of foliage, and luminous though deep-toned sky, combine to produce an intellectual and even a spiritual elevation.”
Clarence King — Sierra Club

I’d also like to thank Doris Allen and Dave Predeek for leading the fast group through the snow to the top of the point. The view was magnificent. Thank you for joining me; coming along to share were Doris Allen, Margaret Castenholtz, John Cecil, Emmy Dale, Bob Foster, Wilbur Groner, Jane Hackett, Lyn Legrander, Richard Heinzkill, Betty Legris, Dorothy Leland, Joe Lowry, Ralph Nafziger, Allan and Judy Norris, Don Payne, Bill Robinson, Fred Schepman, Richard Schway, Millard Thomas, Maureen Willison, Peggy Wyllie, Dave Predeek, and leader Parker Riddle.

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