Sourgrass Mtn

October 10, 1981

To make this hike our two cars drove up Highway 58 to Westfir, then up the North Fork Road to F.S. Road 1910. We drove to the top of the ridge which is known as Windy Pass, turning to the right we drove aways along 1912 to the junction with 140 and the trailhead for the Alpine Trail. This is the second section of the Alpine Trail and takes the hiker up over Sourgrass Mtn. and out to Road 142 which is close to Saddleblanket Mtn. We spotted a car at the trailhead on 142 then came back to 1912. The trail climbs up thru an old clear cut, then into the timber and on up to the top. We stopped to eat lunch at 12:30 and then hiked on out to the car on 142.

The weather was damp and foggy though it didn’t actually rain on us. Our view through the meadows on top was poor because of the fog however. Folks on this trip were Emmy Dale, Mary Fulton, Joanne Haines, Bob Holmquist, Roland Jesperson, Joyce Mitchell, and leader Helen Smith.

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