Mt June

October 7, 1981

One week later Mt. Yoran is scheduled again. This time pouring rain and a lowering snow level made it seem prudent to go “somewhere else” again. Only three of us this time, and we seriously considered sitting in front of the fire place all day. But like the tough and hardy folk we like to make ourselves out to be, we thought we should hike someplace since we were out and ready. Close to home and always lovely is Mt. June, so off we went hoping the clouds would go away and it would be lovely this time. But no such luck! Sleet drove us off the top very quickly. On the way back we stopped to admire our work done on trail work parties in the spring, and to look at a new logging project which put several very large trees across the trail. The tough and hardy folk were John Cecil, Wilbur Groner and leader Betty Legris.

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