Cowhorn Mountain

October 4, 1981

Mediocre weather in the valley changed in our favor once we were through the Highway 58 summit tunnel. Next, our erratic approach to 7,664 foot Cowhorn Mountain trailhead on the PCNST was probably caused by a defective compass gimbal (!!?!). Light snow on bushes and trees made our mountain (in profile) look unusually handsome from a distance. Footing near the top was somewhat slippery, but there were plenty of roots to haul up on. A light, blustery wind cooled our lunch stop on top. Bob did some aerial photography and Wilbur enjoyed his fluorescent cup-cakes as usual. Some time was spent identifying the many lakes we could see. Back to Eugene before dark; a very pleasant visit to Cowhorn looking at her best by Dallas Cole, Nancie Fadeley, Bob Foster, Wilbur Groner, Lee Hatch, Karen Houglum, Betty Legris, Joe Lowry, Merle Traudt, and leader John Cecil.

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