Craig Lake

October 3, 1981

A dozen people managed to travel in two vehicles, leaving South Eugene in doubtful weather. An early reward of the day was a brilliant display of fall color, especially the red vine maple on the lava as we approached the Santiam Pass.

The Pacific Crest Trailhead was very crowded with hunters’ rigs, including numerous horse trailers. Conditions were wet although the temperature was pleasant for hiking. Quite a few hunters were coming out on the trail as we headed in at about 10:30 a.m.

Our route proceeded a mile and a half on the Crest Trail, then west and north on the old Skyline Trail to the charred remains of the Jack Shelter. We left that trail and went through the trees until we picked up a smaller trail generally pointing toward the Berley Lakes. We used that path only a short while, then cut over to the west to still another trail that backtracks in a southerly mode on up to the center knob on the ridge and VOILA, Craig Lake. Well worth the effort and the unstable weather. Views were limited because of clouds, but people seemed to appreciate the lake all the same.

A blizzard (specially requested by Dot Leland) shortened our lunch break and sent us packing. It snowed all the way out to the trailhead. Our time going downhill and out was shorter than going up to the Lake. Chilled and damp, but happy hikers included Doris Allen, Jack Cole, Carolyn Hand, Bonnie Ledford, Dot Leland, Cynthia and Pete Lewinsohn, Ken Lodewick, Jo Loughary, Lois Schreiner, Jan White and leader Emmy Dale.

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