Fuji Mtn

September 30, 1981

As we turned onto Hills Creek Road and saw the “road closed” sign we realized Mt. Yoran might not be the goal of the day after all. Some speculation about the condition of the alternate route and the probability of getting lost convinced us that somewhere else would be better. But where is “somewhere else?” Agonizing decisions! The mind became a blank and no help from the other 10, but everyone was willing to follow on up Hwy 58 while the leader hoped something would come to mind before we reached eastern Oregon. Suddenly, inspiration! Fuji Mountain! As it turned out Fuji was a great place to be on a day such as this. Even though some people had appointments back in town, it was difficult to leave the top of the mountain in time to get back at a “reasonable hour.” Visitors were Margaret Gontrum and Margaret Hart. Members were John Cecil, Wilbur Groner, Lee Hatch, K. C. Kraft, Bonnie Ledford, Bryant Mitchell, John Powell, Fred Schepman, and leader Betty Legris.

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