Waldo Mountain

September 19, 1981

September 19 was a perfect day for our hike to the top of Waldo Mountain from the Oakridge side. We left Eugene shortly after 7:30 a.m., were on top of Waldo about noon, and back in Eugene around 5:00 p.m. The first fall rain had dampened the trail so that walking on the moist forest duff was soft and dustless and all was fresh and clean with fleecy clouds dotting the blue sky. The good three and a half mile trail grains about 2000 feet in elevation so is “up” all the way. After we all arrived at the top of the first “over ten percent grade” the fast hikers moved out quickly. They were comfortably sprawled on top eating and soaking in views of many lakes and forested slopes when the rest of us arrived. A busy friendly flock of red crossbills entertained us all during lunch. They chattered constantly while preening their feathers or searching for food in the trees or near us on the rocks. These close up views were most unexpected and interesting. Hikers were Emmy Dale, Walt Davis, Bob and JoAnn Fortman, Helen Hughes, Arden Johnson, Catherine Jones, Marj Roblas, Byung Ho Park, Sharon Rudnik, Shirley Sivula, Helen Smith and leader Margaret Wiese.

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