Bachelor Butte

September 6, 1981

Forty mile an hour winds nearly blew us off the mountain. At times we took to “all fours” and shielded our faces against the stinging wind-driven sand. After a great deal of effort and some doubts about why we were doing that, we reached the summit, and even though it was summer weather down the mountain we were a shivering group huddled together behind boulders. We battled our way against the wind across the top of the mountain to the old lookout site, had our geology lesson also, and headed down the trail on the northwest side. To our surprise and great relief we were very soon out of the wind and back into summer. It was an easy descent on the trail until it became lost in construction of a new lift, lodge, and parking lot. Then we went cross-country back to the main lodge where we had left the cars.

On our way to Bachelor we stopped at Elk Lake and picked up three cars to shuttle around to McKenzie Bridge for Emmy Dale’s backpack trip. We felt a little anti-energy-saving as we drove along with 10 people in 6 cars. We kept frequent contact, stopping in Sisters and at Dee Wright, and had a great time. Drivers were Richard Heinzkill, John Cecil, Sharon Rudnick, Suzanne Steussy, Laura Bates, and leader Betty Legris. Those getting to just ride along were Lana and Jack Lindstrom, Karen Houglum and Bob Foster.

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