Devil’s Garden to Wolf Mtn

August 22, 1981

Setting out on a fine Saturday from Eugene we enjoyed the warmth and brightness of a late August day in a beautiful place. The group reached Devil’s Garden a bit before lunch, so hiked along the ridge to Wolf Mountain until Elkhorn camp where we lunched. We arrived on the summit of Wolf Mountain at 2:30 p.m. after a series of fine views from Wolf Meadow. The leader misplaced the trail for a stretch on our return. Returning to Devil’s Garden, the group divided into swimmers and blueberry pickers. We returned to our cars at 5:00 p.m. refreshed by the sights and sensations of another special place in the Oregon Cascades. Making the hike were Catherine Aitken, Margit Castenholz, Dallas and John Cole, Emmy Dale, Mary Fulton, Joanne Haines, Dorothy Holtan, Dick Loescher, Helene Johnston, Andrea Nix, Sonia Wilson and leader Jerold Williams.

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