Obsidian Loop

August 15, 1981

After a hot week, we started off on the trail in fairly cool but sunny weather. We soon discovered that the flowers had pretty well finished blooming and things were beginning to dry up. There was less water in White Branch but more in Obsidian Creek, though Sisters Springs were coming out at a lower elevation than usual. On returning to White Branch, we found it almost dry. All the ponds along the way were low or dry. However, the mountains were majestic, the forests green, the birds audible, and the air (though a little smoky) far clearer than in the valley. One notable advantage of taking this hike later in August turns out to be more shade on the return to Frog Camp. Fact is, we all enjoyed ourselves—Mary Fulton, Joanne Haines, and leaders Ken & Robin Lodewick.

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