Castle Rock

July 18, 1981

Misty beginning in Eugene, but beautiful clear sky 30 miles away. Some went ahead to the top, but three of us enjoyed walking slower and enjoying the cool of the woods—lovely, huge cedars, hemlock and fir, and lots of beautiful flowers. It was great looking back at the Three Sisters from the edge of a clearcut—only North Sister was obscured at the top by clouds. Enjoyed drinking cold spring water from the trough about mile 4. Spent an enjoyable hour at the top gazing at Tidbits, Cougar Reservoir, Sawtooth Ridge, Mt. Washington, Three Sisters, and elsewhere. Some had to leave earlier, but four of us enjoyed a leisurely descent. We spent many minutes resting by a clear roaring creek. After we left Castle Rock we enjoyed the best fresh strawberry pie we’d ever eaten at Vi’s. Very enjoyable time conversing to Eugene. The hikers were Karen Seidel, John Cecil, Betty Legris, Margaret Leary, Beth Prescott, Laurie Clark and leader Bob Foster.

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