Erma Bell Lakes

July 18, 1981

I don’t know if it was the price of gas or the distance to the trail head, but only three showed up to go on the hike. Two were nonmembers and one a member plus the two leaders made a total of 5. The ones from town met the leaders at the appointed place at the Cougar Turnoff at 9:00 a.m.; all climbed into one vehicle for the ride to the trailhead. It was really a beautiful day, not too warm, just right for a hike. Those that did not come missed a lovely trip.

We arrived at the trailhead at 10:15 and were met by a few mosquitoes. They were not really very bad, a little spray at the beginning and we were set for the whole trip. We had a leisurely walk into the first lake stopping to see the many wild flowers still in bloom: bunch berry, parrot-beak, wind flower and even a few rhododendrons. Had lunch there and relaxed a little before going on to Middle Erma Bell. There some waded and one of the braver ones went in for a swim. On the way back to Lower Erma Bell we explored the falls between the upper and lower lakes and took a few pictures, then started for home. The group, Dorothy Holtan, Bee Meserole, Linda Bennett-Stroud and leaders Lonnie and Carol Bourgerie, also cleaned up a camp site collecting two fair sized bags of trash which were carried out and deposited in the nearest trash cans.

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