Black Butte

June 21, 1981

In just a little over two hours we were across the mountains and at the foot of big Black Butte, ready to enjoy the nice weather of the 1st day of summer. The start of the trail has no marker of any kind, very difficult to find. The previous we finally found after a three-hour search. The directions in “101 Hiking Trails” are no longer correct. Half a mile up the trail is a sign post, probably a trail marker, but it is made of plywood and porcupines love glue in plywood, so they ate most of the sign including all of the words. The first three miles were through tall pines, then it opens to views of the Cascade peaks and 50 miles in other directions. It became very windy on top, but there are many sheltered places. Four people were brave enough to climb the 90 foot fire lookout tower, and felt the wind vibrate (not quite swaying) the tower. A forest Service employee explained to us the plan to tear down the very picturesque wooden tower (c.a. 1933) and replace it with a steel tower from a nearby site. It seems a shame to tear down such a tower. Hikers were Obsidians Anne Montgomery, Lee Hatch, John Cecil, Barry Beck, Wilbur Groner, Merle Traudt, Bob Foster, Richard Heinzkill, K. C. Kraft, and leader Betty Legris. Guests were Heather Cawdrey, Dick and Mary Bentsen, Garey Butler, Cynthia Guminsk, Carol Carnahan, Nancy Loya, Barbara Kirk, Shirley Froyd, and Ruth Romoser.

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