Tamalitch Falls

June 14, 1981

This hike is along a part of the McKenzie River Trail from Trail Bridge Reservoir north to Tamalitch Falls. The trail follows along the river through dense timber, lush undergrowth, and then, for a short distance, across a lava flow with interesting moss-covered rock formations and what appear to be old tree casts. The trail is much improved over last year making this a quick and easy two miles in.

Tamalitch Falls would more correctly be called a pool, as the water now comes from underground springs instead of following the old river bed. One is impressed by the incredible blue color of the deep pool, protected from intruders, it seems, by steep cliffs on three sides. It is a tricky, but not dangerous scramble down to the water where we ate lunch and admired the clear, cold water. After lunch we continued up the trail for a mile or so, thinking we might reach Smith Reservoir but time ran out so we turned back and were out to the cars and bright sunshine by 4:00 p.m. Hikers were Rachel Major, Anne Montgomery, Roger Nicholls, Gerta Ross, and leader Leona Mattson.

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