Tipsoo Butte

June 13, 1981

It was a rainy Saturday, but seven brave souls decided to climb Tipsoo Butte. Certainly the sun would be shining on top of the Butte! At our halfway point, we could see the top, and a “group vote” was taken. Should we continue to the top in this rain? We could see snow on the trees near the top of the Butte. The group consensus was “Yes! Let’s go to the top!” The air became colder as we climbed and our “breaks” were fewer. As we approached the top, the snow stopped and the sun tried to peek through the clouds. Although we could not see a great distance, we could see Sawtooth Ridge (barely). Suddenly it became very cold and started to snow again. We hurried down the mountain, had a quick bite to eat and retreated to the lower elevations and warmer climate. For a rainy day it was a great trip. The people in our group made it such a memorable one. They were Mary Ann Carmack, Heather Cawley, Joe Cherrytree, Bob Foster, Merle Traudt, Carolyn Watters, and Liz Glover, leader.

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