Crescent Mountain USFS #3384

June 10, 1981

With one car traveling via Marcola and the South Santiam Highway and the other up the McKenzie Highway we arrived at the trailhead within two minutes of each other. With Angie serving as rear guard, we were on the trail at 9:45.

The heavy rains of the past week had not missed Crescent Mountain and the first mile (to Maude Creek) was a canal with many fresh watercourses and springs adding their gallons. We crossed Maude Creek on the two-pole bridge, examined the scattered bones of an Elk or Deer and headed up through the Douglas Fir. From the lower part of the meadow we named Hoodoo, Potato Hill, Belknap Crater, the lower part of Mt. Washington, Black Crater and Black Butte. A few showers, one with a spit of snow, entertained us.

Convening at the top at 12:30 for lunch, we reviewed the many sights available from the top of Crescent Mt. Review it was as the management had failed to lift the cloud curtain and even Jewel-like Crescent Lake directly below us was not on view. At 1 p.m. the downward two-hour slog and homeward. We did spot two deer on the lower mountain meadow and one Coyote (? dog) later. Normal Spring flowers including Bleeding Heart were noted. And, for the historical minded, we located, to our satisfaction, Crescent Creek Sheep Camp and North Side Sheep Camp.

Reversing auto routes on the return, one carload visited Sahalie and Koosah Falls and the other visited House Rock, the upper falls and a portion of the old Santiam Wagon Road.

Enjoying this Wednesday hike were Bruce Kraft, Lois Morse, John Cecil, Angie Barta, Betty Legris, K. C. Kraft and leader Wilbur Groner.

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