Pre-breakfast bike ride

June 7, 1981

There seems to be a bad omen with this annual trip, or maybe the spirits are trying to tell me something. Every year the weather gets worse than the previous year. This year we had torrential rains! To my surprise a total of 9 web-footed people gathered for the ride — while a half dozen others had no difficulty in finding more rational and comfortable ways to spend two hours on a rainy morning than bike riding.

Those on the ride were: Jan Baker, Bob Divine, Glenn Meares, Dick Loescher, Margaret and Paul Walchli, Paul’s friend Mark, and leaders Carolyn and Marriner Orum.

There is a bumper sticker which says that “last year in Oregon 600 people fell off their bikes and drowned.” I used to think that was a joke — now I believe it. There was so much water that even big chuck holes were hidden. Jan Baker hit one of these deep holes and fell off of her bike. Jan is an excellent swimmer and so she didn’t drown but she is not that good a diver so she hit bottom and came up soaking wet with a skinned knee.

We rode the bike trails with a portage over the railroad tracks at the end of Garfield Street. We walked our bikes around a sewer construction project under the Ferry St. Bridge and had another walking show on the new South approach to the Knickerbocker Bridge near Judkins Point.

We arrived at the Lodge about 10:30 or so with good appetite for an excellent breakfast.

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