Erma Bell Lakes

May 30, 1981

Left Eugene in a steady drizzle. Decided to drive to Skookum Creek Campground via McKenzie River to avoid the Route 58 “speedway,” which was a good idea except that the Forest Service (or whoever it is who maintains and constructs forest roads) appears to be making Forest Road 163 into a freeway for about 15 miles on either side of Box Canyon Guard Station. We protest! Not enough money to maintain trails and campgrounds, but they can log twenty feet on either side of this road and move earth all over the place. We don’t need a freeway to Box Canyon. Call for Marriner Orum! Anyway, we ran out of the drizzle about the upper end of Cougar Reservoir and enjoyed relative dryness for the rest of our hike. The whole group decided we should have planned an overnight at Upper Erma Bell. Will note that for next time. Not many flowers out: trillium, shooting star lilies, and a few others. Fisherpersons were catching at Lower and Middle Lakes. Conversation on the trail and at lunch was great! Decided to return via Westfir and Speedway 58. Stopped at Oakridge (slight detour) for pie and coffee (coffee still 5¢ at Mannings) and then headed for Eugene. Ran into sunshine just west of Oakridge and enjoyed it all the way to Eugene. Three nonmembers asked about joining the Club and wish to receive information right away. Hikers were: Linda Buie, Barry Beck, Bob Foster, Jennifer Gilliam, Joanne Haines, Fred Schepman, Carolyn Watters and leader Jack Ewing.

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