Painted Hills

May 30, 1981

This annual picture trip to scenic spots in Central Oregon began with a wet, misty drive up the McKenzie to Sahalie Falls, our first stop. A brief hazy ray of sunlight added a bit of contrast to the gray falls, and lifted our hopes of emerging from the overcast over the pass. Bright sunshine indeed greeted us at our next stop “Sisters picture point,” making us reluctant to leave the warmth and panoramic view of Cascade peaks.

Lunch at Smith Rock as sunlight and cloud shadows traced patterns over the buff bluffs, creating interesting lighting effects. On to Painted Hills with a stop enroute to search for, find, photograph or touch (ouch!) native Oregon cactus in bloom. The rounded hills in scoops of vanilla, chocolate, lemon and strawberry hues create a showcase of form, texture, and color laced with bright wild flowers—and this year, a new lake adjoining the park adds additional reflective color to the scene.

We returned to a wet western Oregon with mental images in our heads to be processed into memories, and latent images in our cameras to be developed into pictures. Eyes and cameras belonged to Sally Assman, Beulah Barker, Gladys Grancorvitz, Richard Heinzkill, David, Gary and Karen Hunter, Bobbie Kalbfleisch, Bonnie Ledford, Vi McClung, David Predeek, Merle Traudt and leader Don Hunter.

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