Rooster Rock

May 24, 1981

Eight hardy hikers showed up, defying heavy rain laden skies. Via Marcola and Sweet Home, a stop at Soda Springs, we reached the trail and promptly wound our way upwards through the tall timber. However no one failed to notice a stand of very sturdy, extraordinary large madronas, a rather unlikely place to find them. By 12 o’clock everyone had assembled at the top, the light mist which fell occasionally on the way, had stopped altogether. Rooster Rock dominated the scene, everything else being shrouded in drifting clouds. Thus having consumed our lunch and nothing else to see, we started back down the trail, a really beautiful trail, reaching the cars at 2:00 p.m. just as real rain set in. A bit of shuffling the party resulted in 1 group going home, 1 car heading toward McDowell Creek State Park, that jewel of nature I take great pride in showing off.

The whole party consisted of Barry Beck, Ira Brown, Robert Foster, K. C. Kraft, Robin Steussy, Bev Thomas, Marie Williams, Paula Vehrs, Leader.

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