Hendricks Park to Spencer Butte

May 6, 1981

At 8:30 on a bright, beautiful mid-week morning our group of eight headed up the seldom used, badly kept trail that was, until quite recently, signed “SPENCER BUTTE — 8 miles.” Pushing through the low hanging, moisture laden brush was not all that pleasant for the person breaking trail. Still and all, the water might have been diluting any oil brushed off on us as we time and again made accidental contact with the lush growth of poison oak. Consequently, it was a welcome respite to temporarily leave the trail and take a tour through the grounds of the Obsidian Lodge. It was with great pride that we showed off the building and the climbing wall to the four nonmembers accompanying us. 30th Avenue brought us abruptly back to the hustle and bustle of high speed traffic, and we patiently bided our chance to safely dart across. It was here that Norma Benson found a discarded 8 ball which she promptly stashed in her day pack. At least literally, it kept Norma from being behind the 8 ball.

During our lunch stop under the power lines that come swooping down off Old Baldy, we learned that Bert Tepfer was making her eighth Hendrick’s Park to Spencer Butte hike. She had done the previous seven trips with Marriner Orum.

As we were making the final push up the southern flank of Spencer Butte, Bonnie Ledford stumbled upon a newly dropped deer horn, a nicely shaped three pointer. This prompted the rest of us to keep on eye out for the other half of the set, though it was most probably still on the buck’s head. With one mile left to go, our newly returned globe trotter K. C. Kraft showed us what hiking in the Swiss Alps can do toward improving one’s stamina and leg power, as K. C. took off for the top at a record pace.

By 2:00 p.m. the summit had been gained by all. This pleased Dick Hildreth, since he had been sweating out a mid-afternoon faculty meeting where he was slated not only to participate, but to keep the minutes as well. He made it with a half hour to spare. Those enjoying the day as well as the panoramic view from atop the butte were: Norma Benson, Richard Hildreth, K. C. Kraft, Bonnie Ledford, Blenda McReynolds, Teresa Nutt, Bert Tepfer, and Bob Devine, Leader.

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