Shotgun Creek

May 2, 1981

Our group of seven Obsidians and two nonmembers took the scenic route along McKenzie View Drive to Marcola Road under patches of blue and partly gray skies. We were greeted at the park by our friendly BLM caretaker about 9:00 a.m. We decided to see just how far our stamina would take us as to whether we went up the extra three miles to Drury Ridge Crest. Seven people elected to share the view at the top of the crest and we had lunch on huge fir stumps and enjoyed the viewpoint. After considerable interesting conversations, we opted to return to the trail when the clouds began spitting droplets on us. We joined Bev and Amy and returned to the parking shelter and home. Along the well kept trails we saw fawn lilies, dogwood, trillium, bleeding heart, twin flower, a few camas and wild iris. All agreed we had a very fine day. Shotgun Creek is a very lovely spot and we re-commend it when you want to get out in beautiful Oregon and hike, picnic and just enjoy. The nine were Amy Clugston, Betty Kjeldgaard, K.C. Kraft, Sandra Larsen, Anne Montgomery, Fred Schepman, Bev Thomas, Elaine Yost and leader Mary Babarik.

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