Saddle/East Fork Trials (McKenzie)

April 19, 1981

Everyone must have been scared off by the description on the sign-up sheet as only four people showed up for a hike on the Saddle/East Fork Trails. The Saddle Trail sign cautions hikers to expect blowdowns and steep grades, the sign was accurate to the tee as we climbed 1840 ft. in 2.8 miles! We hit snow at 4000 ft. and were slogging through two feet of it at Horsepasture Saddle (4880'). We ate lunch in the saddle at the Olallie Trail junction, then returned back along the Saddle Trail to our car and the East Fork trailhead. K.C. offered to drive down to Echo Boat Ramp to meet us at the lower East Fork trailhead. We made good time and had some excitement by crawling across a blow down that spans East Fork Creek, as the upper bridge was washed out. We agreed that the East Fork is a river, not a creek! Those “East Fork Crazys” were Lee Hatch, K.C. Kraft, Betty (speedy) Legris, and leader Pete Cecil.

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