Armitage Park through Marcola to Shotgun Recreation Area

April 18, 1981

What a fortunate decision it was to postpone the Shotgun Creek bicycle trip from April 11 until April 18. The heavy rains of the originally scheduled day were replaced by sunshine — warm enough to see us all stripped down to shorts and tee shirts by lunch time. The route: McKenzie View Drive, Hill Road, Donna Road, and Marcola Road to Shotgun Recreation area was quiet, untrafficed and filled with the colors of early spring. No sooner had we settled down on a Grassy spot by the river for a long noontime nap than the caretaker came by with his tractor grasscutter, forcing us to move on to a quieter lunch spot. Riding out of the park, our eardrums were again shattered this time by 20 or more “dirt-bikers” tearing up the hillside. Other than the additional noise pollution of buzz saws when we stopped at Ye Olde Family Buckboard Cafe in Marcola, it was a beautiful, safe and sunny trip. The route home took us across the Wendling covered bridge, past the Prouty-Fontana residence, and along the Hayden Bridge bike route through Springfield. Bikers included Rich and Lisa Anselmo, Becky Kuntz, Joe Sarro, Bob Devine, Toni Tumi and leader Doris Allen.

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