Larison Creek

April 12, 1981

Larison Creek Trail, now 6 miles long, was completed a little more than a year ago. However, timber sales and plans for logging in the future will cause re-routing of part of the upper trail in 2–3 years, so I recommend that hiking enthusiasts enjoy the trail now. The trail is cool and green, following the creek through moss blanketed forest. A group of 8 met in Eugene, and the Anselmos joined us in Oakridge. Rich Anselmo, a meteorologist, assured us that the weather would be fine except for a couple of showers. He hiked 3 miles up the trail and then (good timing!) turned back and was in Oakridge at work before the first forecast shower. Lisa Anselmo continued hiking with the group, enjoying approximately a 10-mile round trip. Two of our group hiked the entire trail (12 miles) and were back at the cars waiting patiently for the rest of the hikers. Can you, identify the two from the list below? —
Lisa and Rich Anselmo, Margaret Crosland, Wilbur Groner, Lee Hatch, Bobbie Kalbfleisch, Lois Schreiner, Harlow Perrin, Merle Traudt and leader Velma Shirk.

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