Hardesty Mtn

April 5, 1981

The rain began as we got to the trailhead, and got worse as we went up. At Crale Creek Road, a yellow car with two potential hikers was waiting. By this time the wind was blowing and the rain had ice crystals in it. The two “potentials” were not so sure they were willing to leave the warm, dry car. In fact, the rest of us considered joining them in the car. But a little nasty ribbing got them out and into their rain gear. The icy rain soon changed to snow, but stubborness prevailed and we all made it to the top. The surprise was that it was quite pleasant on the top out of the wind and with all the new snow. Lunches were shared with one person whose lunch got left at home, but being good Obsidians, we all had extra food. Back down to Crale Creek Road where the people from the yellow car left us. There was a battle to resist the temptation to ride back to Goodman Creek. To save face, we walked. Lee and Bob raced ahead and walked the South Willamette Trail and back for a little extra mileage. Hikers were Bob Foster, Lee Hatch, Helene Johnston, Mavis Prescott, Parker Riddle, & leader Betty Legris.

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