Honeyman State Park to South Jetty

March 25, 1981

Of the people the leader phoned before this trip, only Lois Schreiner had an encouraging word about the weather; the other Obsidians were resigned to the rainy fate forecast us, and the nonmembers were appalled to find the trip was actually going. But all but one of the fifteen signed up showed up, including am illustrious selection of Obsidians and three patient, courageous, and good natured nonmembers.

The weather turned cut to be very fine—quite a lot of sun, southerly winds (at our back along the beach), no rain until ten minutes after we got in the cars at the end. The hike started from Cleawox Lake over the dunes, angling northwest. The dunes were firm from recent rain and easy walking, and spectacular. We followed a dune buggy road through the brush to the deflation plain, crossed it, and ate lunch, on the back of the foredune out of the wind. We then hiked north along the beach. The leader let the group string out quite a distance on the beach, taking turns with Margaret Baldwin and Anne Hillyer setting the pace. The leader turned to count the group once in a while and observed that of the pairs and threes at least half the people were talking intently every time. (The leader probably went too fast on the beach, but may have been anxious about the possibility of missing Margaret Markley’s car for shuttling the drivers, since it was hidden from sight over the foredune a mile and a half from the end. It turned out to be no problem.) The drivers dropped out to go get cars, and the cars arrived at the end of the road at the jetty as the walkers arrived at the end of the beach.

Ewart invited us to stop at the Baldwin cottage at Heceta Beach, and the whole group took the opportunity to hold a cup of hot coffee or tea, wiggle toes, watch the rain, and look over a copy of the new edition of Ewart’s “Geology of Oregon” (for which Tom Johnston drafted many charts and Lois Schreiner did much editing).

Left out of this report is the amphibious assault on the deflation plain. Wilbur Groner worked out appropriate exaggerations during lunch, so questions about wading with packs over our heads or what Ewart had to do to help the shorter people in the party should be directed to Wilbur. Do not ask the leader; he’s trying to forget. Except for the deflation plain, the hike was quite a good one. The leader is somewhat awed by this group of people: Ewart and Margaret Baldwin, Emmy Dale, Jenny Gnose, Wilbur Groner, Anne Hillyer, Jeanie Holmes, Karen Houglum, Bob Walden, Helen Hughes, Margaret Markley, Lois Schreiner, Margaret Wiese, and leader John Powell.

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