Plank Road - Lost Creek Area

March 14, 1981

Eleven members and one nonmember showed up to follow an old abandoned plank road in the Lost Creek/Mt. June area. Although the trip was only six miles long, the thick brush, blow downs and rotten timbers made it a good workout for most of the participants. The road was constructed in 1929 and disused in 1945. Its purpose was to keep log trucks out of the mud, and was built at a time when logs were cheaper than gravel. Now, a thriving forest is quickly erasing all suns of the timbers and trestles, and another small piece of a by-gone era will soon be lost. The “Brush Busters” were Dallas Cole, Bob Foster, Bob Gaesser, JoAnne Haines, Lee Hatch, Dot Leland, Betty Legris, Anne Montgomery, Kathy Ryan, Bob Walden, John & Pete Cecil, leader.

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