’Round Old Baldy, Coburg Hills

March 8, 1981

Starting up Road 17-2-8, backside of Old Baldy, our party of nine Obsidians tramped some very muddy trails and old, disused logging roads in the Coburg Hills to reach the top of Mt. Armitage, a delightful spot for lunch with extensive views of Fern Ridge Lake and the Coast Range. Continuing on, crosscountry, we passed Channel 9 TV tower and took a further rest stop on 2,990' Old Baldy. Back down 17-2-8 a way, then on and up steep Lockard Road to a mossy, open overlook of Hayden Bridge area. A prolonged rest here in the bright sunshine was most welcome. One final plunge down a little-used gully returned us all to Barry’s shuttle car parked on McKenzie View Road. A pleasant 10-mile walk on an early-Spring day. Walking were Barry Beck, Gladys Grancorvitz, Lee Hatch, Karen Houglum, Anne Montgomery, Betty Legris, Bonnie Ledford, and Peter and John Cecil, leader. P.S. Thank you Gladys: Your finding the log leash I had lost last December 22 just made my day!!!!!!

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