Merchant’s Beach

February 28, 1981

After a foggy drive, we arrived at our destination in bright sun; it remained warm and not very windy all day. The tide was going out, exposing several interesting beds of rocks. There were the usual gulls, a large flock of sand-pipers, and gorse in brilliant yellow bloom all over the hills. Almost all our beachcombers brought back a variety of rocks; several got wet feet due to not watching the waves (they were warned and had dry socks & shoes in the cars).

Along the Umpqua and Coast Highways and the Seven Devils Road many plants were coming into spring bloom: skunk cabbage, pussy willows, red currant, sweet coltsfoot, thimbleberry and broom. The two carloads of us stopped for dinner (and gingerbread) near Mapleton, making the arrival home late. Hikers and diners were Mary Bridgeman, Marc Danis, Tom Carlson, John Paul Cracis, Gladys Grancorvitz, Nancy Means, Evelyn Schmitt and Robin and Ken Lodewick, leader.

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