Our own backyard-Obsidian Lodge-LCC area

February 15, 1981

Nine hikers participated in this energy saver. We saved on fossil fuel by not driving out of Eugene and on muscle power by calling it a day after five hours. The day was warm and cloudy but passed without rain for which we were grateful since there was wet underfoot from rains of the preceding days. We brushed an occasional poison oak and tangled with some blackberries, but hopefully there were no after effects. Despite the hazards, we reached the top of Moon Mtn. overlooking Floral Hill, the unnamed treeless peak north of LCC, and a powerline ridge south of LCC where unfortunately trees closed off the views except further southwest. Anyway we had spotted Creswell and Mt. June from height no. 2 and Diamond Peak from No. 1. The nine were Emmy Dale, Helene and Tom Johnston, Betty Kjeldgaard, Anne Montgomery, Emily Samms, Owen Thomsen, Elaine Yost and leader Robin Steussy.

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