Jones Trail/Clark Butte Trail

February 8, 1981

A gray, foggy Eugene was soon left behind as our party of eight Obsidians headed for Fall Creek road and our trailhead at Bedrock Campground. Jones Creek Trail had been recently “groomed” and was an absolute joy to hike on (Thankyou Lowell District USFS!). A longer-than-usual lunch break was taken at the open space near the top. Perfect weather by now for a little sunbathing and relaxing. FS Road 1817 connected us to the top of Clark Butte Trail. Starting down, a momentary loss of direction was soon corrected, and we rapidly descended this rather neglected (not to say dissected) trail to Clark Creek Organization Site. Here Wilbur showed us his pet Indian Cave! An easy stroll along Fall Creek Trail connected us back to the car at Bedrock. A very pleasant walk on a sunny winter day. Hikers were Barry Beck, Margaret Crosland, Wilbur Groner, Lee Hatch, Betty Legris, F.F. Schepman, and Peter and John Cecil, leader.

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