Thanksgiving Dinner at the Lodge

November 26, 1981

On this day we give thanks for:
In a world of slavery we are free
In a world of hunger we have plenty
In a world of hostility we have friends
In a world of hate we have love.

These were the words heard by 34 adults and one child attending the annual Thanksgiving Dinner. A traditional dinner and good fellowship was enjoyed by the Horton family — Virginia, Kenneth, Christopher, Lucia, Joanne and Virginia (yes, there are two Virginias), Helene and Tom Johnston, Betty Stamm, Teresa Nutt, Mary and Bailey Castelloe, Laura Hayes, Bob Devine, Al and Lila Smith, Dorothy Medill, Bill Forrest, Ruth and Sam Williams, Carolyn and Marriner Orum, Paula Vehrs, Parker Riddle, Stephen Semans, the Steussys — Robin, Ethel, Suzanne and Nick, Tim Cook, Bill and Donna Eimstad, Gladys Grancorvitz, Bonnie Rickard, Sara Albanez and our hostess, Ann Aylworth.

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