North Sister - South Ridge

September 18-19, 1981

Weatherwise it was almost a repeat of the previous year. We were able to just get our tents up when the storm hit and it decided to rain the night away. Three more members of our party: Tom Donnelly, Chris Shuraleff and Donna Mecum arrived about 10:30 p.m., wet and with dimming flashlights, but led by trusty guide, Wes Prouty.

Because of the storm our planned early departure was delayed and after a group meeting of discussing the various scenarios that could happen, the group decision was made to climb as far as possible. A good snowline was encountered at about the 8000 ft. level in seemingly clearing weather, passing above the clouds in crossing Collier Glacier and on up the ridge. When we reached the “dinner plate” area, the decision was made to stop the climb as the whole mountain top glistened in sheet ice and with a rising cloud front and the lateness of day, it was deemed too hazardous to try for the summit. After a leisurely lunch on an east facing shelf on the leeward side, we progressed down through and underneath what was a break-up and clearing of the storm. Although no summit was reached, it was a beautiful day shared with good climbing companions. Perhaps next year the “Lady” will favor us. Hiking into base camp and out were Don Payne, Wes Prouty, and Donna Mecum. Those climbing were George Bury, Tom Donnelly, Rich and Sally Grosscup, Christine Ligneau, Henrietta Richmond, Chris Shuraleff, and leader Glenn Meares.

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