Glacier Peak

September 5-7, 1981

This trip was a marvelous finale to the 1981 climbing season: The weather was perfect; we were able to follow a close time schedule almost to the hour; no problems in route finding. Leaving Eugene at 4:00 a.m., we arrived at the trailhead at 1:30 p.m., hiked in eight miles to Sitkum Camp, and prepared for the climb the following day. No more than 10 minutes after leaving camp the next morning, we were involved in climbing 1500 feet up a steep wooded ridge, but this is so typical of the North Cascades. Once reaching Boulder Basin at Timberline, the balance of the climb became smooth sailing. The group did not rope up on the glacier, but should have. One man slipped off a snow bridge during the trip down, but fortunately only fell 6 feet.

During the trip out, most of the group took a long sojourn in Kennedy Hot Springs. The leader, being of an older generation, and not quite willing to accept all of today’s conventions (or lack of conventions), went off and picked huckleberries while the hot springs freaks soaked up in the warm water. Enjoying this trip were Eve and Val Lonnquist, Ed Lovegren, Tony Smith, Jerold Williams and leader Jack Nitzel.

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