North Sister

July 25, 1981

Saturday morning our group woke up at Ryan’s house at 4:00 a.m. and we soon set forth upon our climb. The previous day we all had decided to do the climb and to also come out on Saturday. After driving for an hour we stopped for breakfast after which we drove up to Frog Camp (feeling much better). We left Frog Camp at 7:50 a.m. On the way up to the mountain we passed exquisite fields of wild flowers in a background of lush green, but we were soon on snow and rocks. The climb up to the south ridge of North Sister was fairly uneventful, although during this time we realized that three hours sleep before a climb is not very adequate. The weather was very good—we climbed in shorts and T-shirts. At long last we reached the snow field, which looked somewhat like I-s. The steps were good and deep and about 185 feet across. We set up a handline anchored with ice axes. Soon everyone got across the snowfield and climbed to the top. There was a minor incident on the way down the pinnacle when Ryan slid three feet until luckily a ledge stopped him. Coming back across the snow field two remote control glider airplanes with about 7-foot wingspans started doing figure 8s around Middle and North. They kept us company until all ropes were coiled and we were headed down the mountain. A way down the ridge, Arran slipped and received a fairly deep gash in his thigh. After patching it up we started back to the car—the trail seemed to go on forever. We did finally get back to the car and we headed out. I thought my adventures were over for the day until Ryan saw a toad and asked me to catch it. (I was so shocked I actually did it—oh well!) We had steak and prime rib in a nice restaurant in Vida. After that we drove into Eugene and stopped at Eugene Hospital where Arran had 7 stitches put in his leg—crazy ending for a crazy day. Climbers were Jay Ryan, and Arran and Kevin Riddle, leader.

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