Glacier Peak

July 23-26, 1981

After an all-day ride in Sam Miller’s Pinto, we unstretched for the 6-mile hike to camp at Kennedy Hot Spring. Next morning we bushwhacked a thousand feet through North Cascades vertical forest, until we came across the climber’s trail we’d been looking for all along. Camped at foot of Sitkum glacier as a lightning storm moved up the valley at our level. Prepared for a strategic descent as we watched lightning bolts striking the opposite ridge, but it soon blew over. All was then quiet until in the middle of the night when we were all awakened by a deafening roar of an avalanche that sounded like the whole mountain was coming down. Once we realized it was only Tim’s snoring, we went back to sleep. In the morning, had an uneventful, though cold, until he sun came up, climb to the summit. Enjoyed the top for an hour, then descended to camp at Kennedy and home by dinner time Sunday. Climbers were Tim Cook, Sam Miller, Charlotte Scherer and leader Bert Ewing.

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