Hayrick Butte-Big Lake-Xcountry ski

March 29, 1980

Three people signed up and a fourth said he would like to meet us in the parking lot at HooDoo. We never did make contact with him so a party of three started around Hayrick Butte at 10:30 a.m. After a half hour on the trail, one of the members began to be bothered by an old knee and foot injury so she decided it would be best to turn back and wait for us at the lodge. Wilbur Groner and leader Richard Heinzkill continued on. When we reached the south side of Hayrick we had gained altitude and then descended down to the surrounding flat area. Striking a course east we met the marked cross country trail and turned south on it until we came to the old Santiam wagon road. We then went down the service road to the Seventh Day Adventist Camp on Big Lake. Before getting to the camp, we decided to bush whack on skis directly west to Big Lake. Leader Richard Heinzkill managed to do so much detouring around obstacles off a straight course that after 25 minutes we were back at road we had used as our starting place. Wilbur Groner politely suggested that we try again using a compass this time. Within 10 minutes we were at Big Lake where we hid in some snow wells around some large trees on the shore, ate lunch and watched the wind whip the snow over Big Lake. From Big Lake we returned directly to the HooDoo parking lot arriving by three o’clock in a small snow storm. We picked up non-member Mary Jane Stahowiak and headed home.

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