Rosary Lakes

March 23, 1980

In the morning the snow was a little slick going up the trail to these beautiful frozen lakes, but the sun came out and softened the crust so we all enjoyed a nice winding glide out in the afternoon. Everyone took a few tumbles but we were all as tough as obsidian, so no problems.

Ominous clouds kept their distance. Andy and Marie-Ann Thompson were assigned assistant leaders and Emmy Dale was coordinator of transportation. Some skied in to all three of the Rosary Lakes, others just enjoyed skiing and relaxing in the sun at the lower lake. It was very peaceful and tranquil on this day in the winter white of the high Oregon Cascades. We were all out to the cars by 2:30 and on our way back to the barn — a very nice day.

Enjoying the snowcovered mountains and frozen lakes were: Emmy Dale, Anna Fürnsteiner, Günther Fürnsteiner, Sharon Fraley, Joella Hadland, Dorothy Hayes, Kathy Heerema, Mary Hogan, June Knori, Ed Lichtenstein, Herb McMurtry, Susan Meyer, John Mowat, Brian Niemeyer, Parker Riddle (leader), Mary Jane Stachowist and Andy and Marie-Ann Thompson (assistant leaders).

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