Crater Lake rim tour

March 21-23, 1980

Eight of us left Eugene Friday morning early enough to get to Crater Lake by 11 a.m. After a bowl of soup and a piece of pie, we left civilization at noon. Beautiful blue sky with only a few clouds — the view of the lake was phenomenal! Many photos were taken. Approximately 12 feet of snow on the rim and 30–40 pound packs made the going tough at first. Thin skis and heavy, packs got us sometimes. If you wavered, you crashed. Getting up again and reloading one’s pack in the soft snow was a maximum effort.

We soon passed the Watchman and Hillman Peak and caught up with a group of 13 people from Eugene Parks and Recreation. We traveled with these people for the next two days. The first night we camped about a mile or two past Llao Rock in deep snow, wind and cold. Water bottles, oranges, Sea and Ski lotion froze.

Saturday morning we were glad to see the sun and another beautiful day. We hit the trail exactly the moment the Parks and Rec group went by our camp. Sun lotion finally thawed out in time to use it as we skied in T-shirts and sun bathed for awhile above Cleetwood Cove. We started a three mile uphill trek to the Scott Mountain Saddle at 7696 feet after lunch on the east side of the lake near the Wineglass slide, directly opposite Rim Village. Three more miles down into Kerr Notch and it was time to pitch tents for the night. The wind howled all night, but we were snuggled in a little ravine in some trees. Everything froze again.

Sunday was another sunny day. We proceeded to detour around the avalanche area of Kerr Notch and spent a couple of hours climbing and bushwhacking up out of the 1000 foot deep Kerr Valley. We finally got back to the route near Dutton Ridge. After lunch at Sun Notch we returned to Park Headquarters by 3:00 Sunday afternoon.

The eight langlaufer skiers on this trip were Obsidians Leona Mattson, Alice Moffitt, Dick Moffitt (leader), Chris and Marriner Orum and Velma Shirk. Non-members were Paul Newman and Bob Williams,

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