Odell Butte

March 16, 1980

The day turned beautiful with warm sunshine and new snow. Assistant leader Bert Ewing led a strong team of four skiers to the summit. These were Stroh, McMurtry, Cook and Ewing. The rest of us were strung out down the mountain at different altitudes. Leader Riddle had trouble maintaining a verticle position on the six mile run down to highway 58.

Everyone in our group seemed to enjoy the day inspite of the profusion of many snowmobilers on the Butte. Personally, I’m finished doing this tour as the noise and exhaust of snowmobiles ruins all the basic joys of cross country ski touring, namely peace, quiet, solitude and the God given clean, crisp air to breathe.

Taking our tumbles were: Tim Cook, Bert Ewing (assistant leader), June Knori, Sandra Larsen, Bonnie Ledford, Herb McMurtry, Parker Riddle (leader), Iggy Rummel, Cathy Stroh, Dorothy Turner and a friend of Iggy’s (I forgot to get the name due to confusion at the parking lot in the morning).

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