Hoodoo to Fish Lake/Little Nash Crater

February 24, 1980

Al Niems, who was recovering from a bout with the flu, turned over leadership of this popular trip to Wes Prouty and Bea Fontana. We revised the route to allow for the scarcity of snow at lower elevations. This made a trip that was a couple of miles shorter with an elevation drop of about 12,000 ft.

We conducted our introductions at the South Eugene parking lot in a light drizzle under an unpromising gray sky. By the time we reached Hoodoo, however, there were patches of blue, so we started off with renewed hopes. About an hour up the trail, we encountered some heavy mist which threatened to become rain but never really did. We ate lunch with a view of Sand Mt. to the south and a lovely rainbow to the north. Then suddenly the skies were clear, leaving us with a beautiful sunny afternoon.

The group was large — 25 members of varying skills and stamina; but fortunately everyone cooperated to make sure no one got left behind or off on a wrong track. (Our thanks to Dot Leland — and others unsung — who waited alone for 20 minutes at an unmarked fork in the track in the middle of nowhere, to tell the group at the tail which way the others had gone.)

Glenn Meares kindly consented to be front leader, and navigator for the group . . . and as such was lucky enough to be the first to hit a patch of ice at the bottom of a downhill chute, followed by a bare patch. GRUNGE! (OUCH!) Word passed quickly back up the line, and all members made it around with bones intact. Wes and Bea brought up the rear.

The participants were: Dan Bates, Aaron Bremiller, Cliff Bremiller, Ruth Bremiller, Charlie Coleman, Tom Donnelly, Bea Fontana (co-leader), Ginny Freeman, Gladys Grancorvitz, Dorothy Hayes, June Knori, Dot Leland, Ellie Maliner, Jerry Maliner, Glenn Meares, Wes Prouty (co-leader), Michael Reidy, Parker Riddle, Velma Shirk, Chris Shuraleff, Kathi Stroh, Gene Thaxton, Andy Thompson and Marie-Anne Thompson.

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