Lava Lake Road

January 27, 1980

Jan. 27 dawned clear, cold and windy. A half inch of new snow barely cushioned the frozen crust as our group of eight hardy skiers started briskly on Lava Lake Road. Fingers and toes were slow to warm.

We skied the lower road of our loop, sheltered by ridges that rise above Crescent Creek, during the cold windy morning. After lunch, encountering a rocky, torn-up section of road, we abandoned our plan to ski the loop, retraced our tracks, and then skied the more easterly and exposed upper road. There we found views of Jefferson, Jack, Washington, and the Three Sisters, and a fast run back down to the creek.

Thus, we experienced the promised ten miles, mountain views, and brisk runs, even though we did not complete the full loop. All skiers expressed their satisfaction at having met the challenge of WINTER. The experience enhanced our anticipation of a return to shelter, with tubs and mugs of hot fluids to be enjoyed both externally and internally.

Sharing the day were: Tom Brinton, Emeline Dale, Sharon Fraley, Dot Leland, Rachelle Major, Mary Ellen de la Pena, and leaders Mike and Velma Shirk.

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