Odell Butte

January 26, 1980

Three people had cancelled, so it was only a party of 10 who left in 2 vehicles shortly after 8 a.m. Five were non-Obsidians (including the president of the Nordic Club, Audrey Nickodemus). After a rendezvous and rest stop at Blue Pool campground (the pit toilets stay open all winter), we arrived at the ski-trailhead, FS 2421, the Odell Butte Road. Grey sky, later snow flurries and dropping temperatures did not keep this party from reaching the top at about l:40 p.m. in about 3 hours and 10 min. (It is advisable to allow 3½ hours, with stops.) Leader’s fancy $75 Ramer Alpine Touring Binding broke on the way up. Unable to fix it on top of the Butte (my fingers froze, and I had forgotten to bring my welding torch along), I was forced to just stand on top of my fancy $130 Mountain Ranger metal edged traks and slither off the Butte as best I could.

Twice Ed Stianson caught my run-away skis as they shot down the road. We left for Eugene around 4 p.m. A brief stop at the hot springs allowed the leader and his private physician to soak battered body while other 8 members warmed up crowded into a six passenger jeep. The ride home was finished in a driving snow storm. We observed an overturned van off the highway, with trailer and snowmobiles still upright.

Grateful for a safe return home were: Joella Hadland, Ray Nelson, Audrey Nickodemus, Helmut Plant (leader), Ed Stianson, Gene Thaxton, Andy Thompson, Marie-Anne Thompson, Hans-Ulrich Tscherisich, and Jennie Watt.

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