Gold Lake

January 12, 1980

We started from the Gold Lake parking area with nine beginning skiers under cloudless skies and the thermometer near 20°. All reached the lake after an hour and a half and went on up the trail because of the early hour. We went back to the lake for lunch (birds were guests, eating from our hands) and then out to the cars at l:30.

All headed for home except the leader and son Wayne, who picked up overnight packs and returned for a chilly night in the shelter. Temperatures were down to 10°. We skied around the lake and out to the car in the early afternoon. The skiing was good and weather perfect for Ginny Freeman, Brian Hatch, Lee Hatch (Leader), Wayne Hatch, Helene Johnston, Jim Laughlin, Maureen Laughlin, Kathy Miller, Yvonne Young.

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