Gold Lake

January 6, 1980

This trip was labeled “easy” on the signup sheet, but the hard packed snow made it somewhat difficult, especially for new skiers. Most of the lovely Christmas snow had disappeared, so that there were no fluffy, white banks to fall into when the going got too fast.

Our lunch rendezvous near the bridge at the edge of Gold Lake was very sunny, not too cold, and virtually without wind or clouds. The only missing feature of an otherwise harmonious setting was one strayed member of the group, who was not found for several hours.

Those who shared the day were: Mary Babarik, Emmy Dale (leader), Mary Ellen de la Pena, Bea Fontana, Sharon Fraley, Jane Hackett, Mike Hackett, Karen Houglum, John Mowat, Wes Prouty, Aaran Riddle, Parker Riddle, Kathy Stroh, Gene Thaxton, Mike Wright, Lori Wright.

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