Deception Butte

December 21, 1980

This was the shortest day of the year; rainy, foggy, but six people wanted to hike anyway. As we neared Deception Creek the suspense was building—would we find a deep raging stream after all that rain? But, surprise! It was a very normal creek. Each person approached the crossing in their own manner. Barry took the direct South Africa way: take off shoes, wade across, dry feet, put shoes back on. The rest of us could not resist the challenge of trying to cross without removing our shoes. Wilbur wore his rubber waders but found their height slightly less than the water depth. Lee went looking for the perfect log and found himself so far up the canyon that he had to call for a “gold line” to get out. John sat down mid-stream but kept his feet dry. By the time we all got across most of us were far off the trail and had to scramble up the steep, wet hillside. We re-grouped and made our way on up the trail picking our way over two very bad down-fall areas. The top was cold and windy, so lunch was very brief. So back down past the hazards of the trail to repeat the creek crossing. We did not learn anything the first time across. This time Lee pulled Jonathon in with him, Betty’s jump was not as long as it needed to be, and Wilbur’s boot tops had not gotten any higher. We sloshed on out to the cars feeling like the first day of Winter was a pretty good day. Creek crossers were: Barry Beck John and Jonathon Cecil, Wilbur Groner, Lee Hatch, and leader Betty Legris.

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